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IN-TEMPORALIS project is mixing the repertoire of the world's classical music with different ancient and modern rhythms. The main idea of the duet is unity between different national cultures. Beethoven, Chaikovsky, Mussorgsky, Grieg, Prokofiev, Ravel, Chopin are blended with the intonations, timbres, and rhythms of Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caucasus, as well as rhythms of jazz, rock and funk. All the pieces of music are played in the versions of IN-TEMPORALIS. The duet came into the world in 2007. IN-TEMPORALIS concerts enjoy great success, they perform in the best concert halls of St. Petersburg: Philharmonic Hall, Smolny Cathedral, Mariinsky Concert Hall and other. Duet performances in more Russian locatiom and abroad (Germany, England, Norway, Finland, Greece, Armenia).

Experience offered to the audience by Polina Fradkina and Yoel Gonzalez’s duo is the bright and brave evidence of new view to the world and culture. Musicians’ view is turned to the future, yet unknown but quite visible.

              “Mariinsky Theater Magazine”

For me it was exceptional, one of the greatest things I've heard recently. I could not even imagine that inside of this classic music exists this kind of rhythm.

                                     Giora Feidman

A Petersburg duo is shaking up the music scene with its bold renditions of classical compositions.

                  The St. Petersburg Times 


Polina Fradkina performs as a piano soloist in Russia and abroad- Denmark, Germany, France, Estonia, Lithuania, Israel, Finland and Italy. She was nominated for the “St. Petersburg Avant-Garde” award. The highlight of her work is “blurring of distinguish” in styles, genres, ethnos. She collaborates with many modern composers, who write music for her personally. Her records and concerts are broadcast on radio and TV-station.

Polina started her musical education at the age of five, when she entered Musical Lyceum of St. Petersburg Conservatoire in the piano class, after that graduated from St. Petersburg State Conservatoire and Postgraduated Doctorial Course and Music Academy of Tel-Aviv University. 

Yoel Gonzalez is percussion instruments performer, a famous figure on stages of Saint-Petersburg and Russia. Participated in many native and international projects, organized several ensembles aligned to perform Afro-Cuban music. In Israel participated in “Tucan” trio, worked with the singer and composer Mati Caspi, and also was an invited guest on the international festival of percussion, and performed with the percussionist Zohar Fresco. He collaborated with vibraphonist Joe Lock, drummer Paolo Braga, trumpeter Claudio Roditi, bass guitarist Sergio Brandao, percussionist Cafe Dasilva, drummer Billy Coban, saxophonist Chico Freeman and jazz singer Denise Perrier.

In 1990 graduated from the International school of art in Havana as a “conductor” and a “percussion instruments performer”.



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